How to Root Samsung Galaxy J1 4G without Computer

One of the most interesting things is the Samsung Galaxy J 4G technology. The first model in the series, released in February, Samsung Galaxy J1 phone is not 4G connectivity, but his remarks were released after the market Samsung Galaxy J1 4G phone.Screen size of 4.3-inch Samsung Galaxy J1.Quality excellent camera phones Samsung Galaxy J1 is Another notable feature of the series.The Samsung Galaxy J1 Is Android os 4.4.4.Let’s come to the point, how you Root Samsung Galaxy J1 Which Is Android Os versions KitKat.Actually If You Have rooted Already this tutorial is not for you ‘But Don’t Know How to Root Samsung galaxy J1 Without Computer You Can Checkout My post.Rooting By Laptop or Pc that is little bit Risk but if You root without pc this is 100% Safety for your device .Today I will Show you The Two Ligal Way to root Samsung Galaxy J1 once is Towel roo Method and another one is Kingroot Methods .The Both way is 100%Legal. If You don’t have Enough Idea What is Kingroot Or Towelroot Is You can Google it .

Root Will voids your Device Warranty And If You UN-root You will get Back Your Warranty. Remembered Apktunes is Not Responsible for any Damages while the rooting process and Do the jobs yourself

Enable The Third Party App permissions By go in To the Device Systems>Security>enable Third Party applications

Samsung Galaxy j1 4G,root,without computer

Root samsung galaxy j1 using King-root Method :

1- Download the latest Kingroot APK From

2-Install the King root Apk and open it Anyway

3-Click On The Middle of Root Icons Then Its Takes Sometime 1-2 minits oe less.

4-When Sucessfully Done Go to The menu Look Kinguser already Installed That’s mean You Have Rooted …

5-Checking Root Samsung Galaxy J1 By root checker apk free play-stores.You Can verify root access your device.

Root Samsung Galaxy J1 Using Towel root:

1-Download The towelroot.apk

2-Installed it anyway and open the applications .

3-Click on”Make it ra1n” Then wait a while until Samsung galaxy j1 successfully rooted.

4-Reboot and check your rooting accessibility by an free android apps “root checker

Thank You for Stay with apktunes if you have successfully rooted please share this tutorial we have more tutorials guidelines how to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 .

WifiKill Apk {Pro v2.3.2} Download for Android

Hi friends! Now, We are going to share the WifiKill Apk Download for android. Now this app is one of the best wifi killer application for android phones. Wifi Kill app makes your device as the wifi router for your network service. So, You can modify/change connected people’s devices. WifiKill cut connection or gather their bandwidth which useful for increasing your Internet speed. This smartphone apps developed and released by XDA Developers bponury from Poland.  So, Read this post carefully and find the right information about this android smartphone tools. Let’s have a look some features of this apk. This android app required root access for running application. If you want to use this apk then your android device must be rooted. So, This app is one of the most popular apps and millions downloaded. This apps handles and controls our whole wifi network. So, In this article, we will see how to manage and prevent using our wifi network from unauthorized person. Using this apps, you can cut any person Internet or you can steal his/him bandwidth.

wifikill apk download 2017

How To use WifiKill Apk:
Are you looking for how to install WifiKill Apk on Android Smartphone? Must follow this step..

1: Download From Bellow.
2: Install Normally
3: That’s It Enjoy !

The WifiKill Latest version 2.3.2 Download:

Wifikill has many versions available for Wifikill Download. Also you can get WifiKill Pro version. So, Here we will share all Android version iOS version and wifikill App for Windows version download link. This pro version 2.3.2 gives you latest and new features. Which are not available on the simple version. So, Download this WifiKill Pro directly from our website right now. Anyone can easily download this app directly from below link. There are lots of links available for downloading this app. But some of them are fake. But you can surely wifikill apk free download from safely direct download link without having any problem. This apps pro version available. So, anyone can easily download wifikill Apk from here. We Suggest! Visit Authority of Android Application downloading (100 Secure) APKND.Com website! than You can get easily download link of Wifikill v2.3.2 Apk file for your Android device.

Features of WiFiKill Apps:

When you run this app, this apps asks for root access. After then this apk shows you how many devices are connected to your wifi network. Here also we provide for you some of new feature of Wifi Kill’s. You can gather information of connected devices. This app shows Internet usage. Latest WifiKill App work on Tablets and PC. Support Android version 4+. Currently,

  • #WiFiKill is a free application for the users and it is safe too.
  • #It is a simple app that can you use smoothly. You do not find any lags in your device due to this APK.
  • #You also find frequent scans during running the application.
  • #The app lets you see all the connected devices to the WiFi connection.
  • #You can see all the data transfer rate and the sites in which other users visit with the help of this device.
  • #The user of this application can disconnect the other users of the same connection.
  • #It is a tablet-friendly application.
  • #You can monitor the activities of the other users.

Conclusion: Finally WifiKill Apk is the most popular tools .Which useful for disabling Internet connection. In your wifi network connected lot’s of peoples than don’t worry. You can easily disable their network connection. And can able to increase your Internet speed. Also can download wifikill pro from above links. This is the wifikill android version, So start using on android phone. So, Download this WifiKill Apk for android without having any issues. This app most useful and popular apps. Which you can do most of thing related to WiFi network. Thank you for stay with us and don’t forget to share this post right now.

Android latest version marshmallow 6.0 launcher for android

Android published their latest version Android M, that’s mean marshmallow .The 6.0 marshmallow comes with new features & design. Every android user should try to use the latest android versions so, this tunes is only for their. You can test the latest feature Android marshmallow launcher for android.

The launcher that one will come in mourning of definite functionality which is now only available on Android 6.0. So there will be no erect app arranging layout in the app drawer unless you’re running the full ROM on your Nexus. it will present them to the look and feel of clean, untouched Marshmallow, which is likely to introduction later in the year with LG and Huawei’s Nexus devices. It is well-matched with 4.1 Jelly Bean and new-fanged versions of Android and arises with a size of just 15 MB. The launcher also come from with a set of nine attractive new wallpapers which are open as default with the newest version of Android.

Download the android 6.0 launcher Here. The developer alpha droid has been made it for android users. That’s is made following android latest versions marshmallow. This will be made your device fully marshmallow. You can hide hide folders or apps.You can customize menu.


What’s is the features on android marshmallow launcher for android

1. Slide screen/New added
2. Fully new interface. Finger lock also available.
3. 100+ customization option.
4. Totally 100% stable.
5. Customize folders/100 color available.
6. Hide data/and applications.
7. Gustier supports
8. Totally bug less.
Before install android marshmallow launcher –Must be uncheck or check unknown source.
For enabling this go to settings then>>developers options>> selects the unknown source.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow Latest Android Operating System features!

Google has launched a new version of the Android 6.0 marshmallow. There are many attractive features of the new Android 6.0. Nexus users will be the first update to Android 6.0 marshmallow. The other Android phone users will find step-by-step android 6.0 marshmallow. The operating systems will start from October 2015.

This post will discuss some of the features are: New google android 6.0 marshmallow

1. ‘’Google Now’’ is easier and flowing.

Android 6.0 marshmallow “Google Now” is recite writing to your phone screen will resurface. Not only recite writing to you but that’s give in a pop-up box will give additional information. For example, your friend sent you a message that can be seen in a restaurant. “Google now” not only to obey reading the message without it, but the map will show where, the restaurants. Suppose that celebrity news reading in the online paper-the google now will give you the additional information’s. This is a powerful update android 6.0 marshmallow.

2. Case-by-case permission App

This update listen very boring but that’s is also a powerful update google android 6.0 marshmallow. When you have to install any apk on android 6.0 , so same time this will allow you to step-by-step permissions to use the apk’s. Case-by-case permission advantage of the app you want to use the app, but not to use a message history of this update too.This is also a hard update android 6.0 marshmallow.

3. Fingerprint Support

New Android 6.0 marshmallow can identify of the fingerprints security will be much more reliable,before making any android phone apk become more compatible with the fingerprint sensor , Which would be additional to the default coding for developers.This may be a result of the update, the phone comes with almost all the phone companies associated with the fingerprint sensor.

5. Dose

This is a feature that will save your device’s battery charge. And it will be monitor serval apks when the device not to use. This will make it unnecessary to stop Leaving your device will remain in charge for a long this is the powerful weapons to save battery life on android 6.0 marshmallow.

This is my own collected info which is android 6.0 marshmallow review. Thank you for stay with apktunes.Android 6.0 marshmallow is also more change like copy-past, ms word, voice recognized, and more.

How to backup android data on sd-card

Helium – App Sync Backup android data

Backup android data applications from the SD card
• Backup & Restore application’s data
• SD card recovery application –Batch
Backup android data  to the SD card contacts and SMS and call logs and bookmarks, and calendars
• Restore from SD card contacts and SMS and call logs & Bookmarks Calendar
• Select backup SMS conversation
• Schedule automatic backups
• The user can change the path to the backup folder settings
• -Can Backup android data, contacts and pictures of the group features


This is do not required any rooted android. After all in the playstore there have 1 thousand of free android backup android data apk free. And the backup tool is also needed when you flashed any customs roms.That’s the power an backup tool.So now you can backup android very easily and fast reminded you should backup every simple folder by the apk.Thank you for reading my post.